The Federation of Indo-American Association of Northern California strives to build a strong, grassroot organization that truly represents the diversity that exists among Indians and Indo-Americans. We invite all Indians and non-Indians regardless of race, culture, religion or age to join us in building a better environment for us and our children; as well as helping to improve the health and well-being of our families and friends in the India subcontinent. Our younger members engage in activities that help build strong youth leaders.

India Facts

India, a peninsular nation in South Asia, has been, for centuries, a region of attraction for many a traveler, researcher and business man around the world. India Geography sketches the spectrum of topographical features, climatic conditions based on India location, disaster prone regions as well as flora and fauna, which stretch along different India States. In India, weather conditions show marked difference with the difference in regions and seasons.

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Board Members

Anil Yadav - Chairman of Board of Trustee
Anil Yadav is an independent franchisee of Jack in the Box, Denny’s, Sizzler’s and TGIF restaurants in Northern California,Texas, Florida. Anil owns and operates over 400 restaurants. In the community, Anil is currently the of Executive Vice President of the National Federation of Indo-Americans, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Past President of Federation Indo-American, Northern California. In 2010 he received the Distinguished Service Award from the California State Assembly. He often serves the business community by advising and mentoring small business owners to grow their businesses. In his own organization, Anil enjoys promoting from within which allows his employees to the opportunity to reach their personal potential. He has also assisted people in becoming a franchisee of the brand.
Shailesh Patel - Board of Trustee
Sunny Sethi - President
Sunny Sethi has been a resident of the Bay area since 1998. He owns and runs one of the top benefits Insurance brokerage in Nothern CA called Matrix Insurance Agency. His company serves small and large employers with their employee benefits needs. He has been in business since 2000. He has been affiliated with FIANC since 2014.
Dr. Suresh Mahawar - Board of Trustee
Dr. Suresh Mahawar has been a distinguished physician with multiple board certifications and specialties. He has successful clinics in Fremont and Los Gatos. He moved in bay area in 2004 and has been socially very active and has served as past President of FIANC. Currently he is board of trustees.
Gulshan Bajaj - E.V.P
Gulshan Bajaj is President of Angel Photo Center Inc. owning several bay area retail locations specializing in photography and video editing. As an entrepreneur and businessman, he has been actively involved in his professional sphere through affiliations with the local chambers and photo and video associations. On a personal level, Gulshan has been energetically involved with community organizations such as FIANC, Home of Hope, Sankara Eye Foundation as well as other local community service organizations. He has been affiliated with FIANC since 1994 as one of the founding members.
Varinder Kultham - Treasurer
Varinder Kultham is a ‘Certified Treasury Professional’ and holds Master’ degree in Economics & Finance. Currently he is working as Treasury Manager for a medical device company where he is responsible for managing world-wide treasury operations including foreign exchange hedging, risk and investment management. In the past he has worked in investment banking area for companies like Morgan Stanley and Comerica Bank. He has been affiliated with FIANC since 2002.
Snehal Patil - Legal Counsel & Advisor
Snehal Patil is an experienced attorney and founder/CEO of IndUS Counsel, a Silicon Valley law firm. Snehal regularly represents individuals, non-profits, startups, mid-market companies and Fortune 500 in U.S. and international transactions. He is a former member of the Indian Civil Services. IndUS Counsel focuses on corporate, employment, immigration, IP, real estate, technology law and M&As. The firm is located in Fremont and has satellite offices in Beverly Hills, Palo Alto and San Francisco.
Ankit Shah - E.V.P Operations
Ankit Shah is the CEO of Intersources Inc. Under the contemporary leadership of Ankit Shah, the company has been consistently producing successful candidates with unmatched skills in Business Analysis, Business Intelligence (SAP), Project Management, Big Data, Hadoop and Cloud Computing. At Intersources, Ankit believes in delivering excellence in consulting services that bridge the gap of disparity between IT and non-IT professionals.
Rashmika Mahawar - V. P. and Spokesperson