Mission Statement

The purpose of the FIA is to promote exchange of valuable information and foster mutual cooperation among organizations of the people of Indian origin, as well as organizations that concern themselves with the Social Welfare and Cultural activities of the people of Indian origin.

Our Mission is to promote and grow the community values which are inherent within our culture. We further strive to protect and preserve the integrity and values of our organization by strictly maintaining these principles. We as a group look forward to providing you with quality services and marketing opportunities that will help you grow your business and quality of life.
  • Exhibit the richness of Indian culture, tradition, and values.
  • Build a forum for communication between people of Indian origin and mainstream Americans.
  • Effectively represent the common interest and goals of people of Indian origin.
  • Encourage people of Indian origin to participate at all levels of public service and build stronger communities.
  • Protect the civil and human rights of people of Indian origin and other communities.
  • Collectively participate in charitable and humanitarian causes so as to improve people’s overall disposition in their lives.